Vintage Service Station Signs

If you’re a serious classic car enthusiast, you practically live, eat and breathe your passion for the hobby. You spend your time and money bringing your favorite classic vehicle to its full potential with premium parts and accessories. Your enthusiasm shouldn’t stop there, though. You can also apply your classic car obsession to your home or garage with a variety of premium interior decor items. California Car Cover offers a large inventory of vintage gas station signs that are sure to bring some all-American pizzazz to your man cave, she shed or other hangout spot.

Vintage service station signs are an important part of American history. They were originally designed to capture the attention of motorists as they passed by, so they are often brightly colored and visually interesting. They also serve as a reminder of the heyday of the automotive industry, when the nation was obsessed with automobiles.

The first vintage service station signs popped up in urban areas before World War I, but as the automobile industry took off, they started popping up in suburban and rural locations. Initially, these establishments only offered gas but soon started offering other services like repairs and snacks. These early gas station signs were often simple and functional, but as time went by and the industry became more competitive, they started to become fancier and more sophisticated. Big-name brands like Texaco, Shell and Mobil all had their own unique gas station signs that were easily recognizable.

Porcelain enamel signs were once the norm at most gas stations and other automotive-related businesses. These signs were made from porcelain that had been fired in a kiln, making them both durable and weather-resistant. Enamel paint was then applied to the sign, creating a rich color and bold graphics that caught motorists’ attention as they drove down the highway. As the automotive industry began to evolve, enamel signs faded in popularity and were replaced by tin and metal signs.

Whether you’re looking for a pristine example of a porcelain sign or want to find a great deal on an old tin sign, our selection has something for everyone. These signs are a wonderful way to show off your love of the automobile industry and add a unique touch to your home or garage.

If you’re interested in adding a vintage gas sign to your collection, be sure to do your research before buying. Learn about the various materials used to create these signs and look for identifying marks that help you determine the age of the sign. With a little bit of knowledge, you’ll be able to buy a high-quality sign that will last for generations to come.