How to Build a Desker Closet

A desker closet is a closet that doubles as an office nook. It’s a good option for people who don’t have a separate home office but need a place to do their computer work and pay bills. The closet also acts as a quiet, distraction-free area where you can sit and get your work done without the usual interruptions that come with a traditional office.

How to Build a Closet Desk

A closet is a great place to build a desk, as it’s often empty and spacious, especially if you have a walk-in or reach-in closet. This allows for a custom desk to be built with minimal effort.

To build the frame, first secure 2×2 boards (cut to the depth of your desk minus 3/4”) to the sides of the closet. Line them up along a level line, and attach them into the studs with 3” wood screws. Measure the space between the front of the side boards and cut a 2×2 board to that measurement, adding pocket hole screws to the ends. Once that’s done, add some center braces to the frame if you’re going to put a lot of weight on the desk.

Then dry fit the plywood top over the frame 데스커 옷장 to make sure it fits and that all of the pieces are level. If they aren’t, scribe the plywood on the wall where it’s touching and trim off the gap with your saw.

Next, cut a piece of 1×3 board to the length of your desk and secure it to the front of your plywood with wood glue and finishing nails. Sand the edges well to smooth them out.

How to Create a Custom Cabinet/Overhead Storage Bin for Your Closet Desk

A closet hutch with drawers for storing personal accessories or extra garments can be a great addition to your closet desk. It can also provide countertop space for a makeup mirror and a place to charge your phone or tablet.

How to Install a Folding Desk in Your Closet

A folding desk is a good option for a closet office, as it’s unobtrusive and simple to setup and take down. It also provides the advantage of being able to adjust the height of the desk based on your height and seating needs.

How to Add a Closet Desk Chair

A desk chair is a great way to add seating to your closet office, as it can be pulled up to the desktop or placed against the back of the desk. This way, you can have someone sit down and do their work without having to open the door and disturb anyone else in the closet or in the house.