How Managed Print Services Can Benefit Your Customers

Printing continues to be a significant part of many organisation’s operations, and often, uncontrolled printing costs can add up. Taking a strategic approach to print and utilising a managed print service (MPS) solution can reduce these costs, and help organisations streamline processes.

If you’re an IT supplier, it’s important to understand the benefits of MPS, and how it can help your customers save money. Essentially, it’s the outsourcing of print management and support activities within an organisation to a specialist provider. By providing a comprehensive print services program, you can not only improve the operational efficiency of your customer’s printer fleet, but also make significant revenue opportunities.

The term ‘MPS’ can be a bit of an industry managed print bham buzzword, and it can be difficult to grasp what exactly the service entails. Put simply, an MPS provider will actively manage a customer’s print fleet to deliver cost savings and improved functionality.

By doing so, they can remove waste and inefficiency in the organization’s document workflow, and allow for more intentional printing practices that are backed up by data analytics. It can also free up the time that employees currently spend on managing printers by allowing them to focus on other tasks that have greater impact on company goals and revenue.

For example, if an employee is constantly running out to the office supply store for new toner, they aren’t working on improving network security or bolstering cybersecurity. In this scenario, it makes more sense for the employee to rely on an MPS service and outsource their printing needs.

In addition to the cost savings, an MPS provider can provide a wide range of other services that will improve workflow and organizational processes. They can include centralized supplies and service, consolidated vendor invoices into one point of contact, and enhanced device security with features like device authentication and encryption. This can prevent confidential information from falling into the wrong hands, whether it be a cyber criminal or an internal threat.

Aside from the direct financial benefits, an MPS program will also offer environmental savings. Newer printers and multifunction devices that are included in an MPS contract tend to be more energy efficient than older machines, and they’ll usually be backed by a warranty and replacement guarantee. This can significantly lower a business’ carbon footprint and allow them to meet green initiatives without impacting their bottom line.

The average business prints an astounding 10,000 documents per year. That’s a lot of paper, and a lot of time and money that could be used on more pressing matters. By implementing an MPS program, your customers can save significant revenue, and improve the efficiency of their document workflows and organizational processes. This will give them the freedom to focus on what truly matters, and ultimately stay ahead of the competition. To learn more about the value of an MPS solution, get in touch with the printer4you team today. We’ll be happy to provide a complimentary assessment and proposal for your business.